#9 in fastest growing communities?!?

What are your thoughts on being ranked #9 in the whole United States for fastest growing communities?!?  I’m sure there are plenty of mixed emotions from the city and county.  We look forward to helping you all find a home whether you’re looking for a home for sale or to rent, we stand ready to serve you and your needs!  Please stop by the office located at 1919 Tiny Town Rd. Suite 400 or call (931) 802-5466.  We are here Monday through Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-Noon.  As always, if you are on Facebook- fan our page found HERE



Sunshine and Summertime

Temps are climbing and you can just feel the excitement from the kids in anticipation of summer.  There are so many activities going on in and around Clarksville for the summer.  Don’t forget to check out some of the beautiful berry farms around town to pick your very own pint or two, take in an outdoor movie at the Heritage or Liberty Park complex, partake in some delicious wine at our very own Beachaven Vineyard located off of Exit 8, enjoy some fun family interaction at one of our local bowling alleys (several even offer free children bowling during the summertime), take a dip in one of the many outdoor pools through our Parks and Rec Department, spend a weekend camping out at Land Between the Lakes, or take a leisurely float down the Red River in a canoe.  So many options to choose from and that’s just a small sampling, check the Chamber of Commerce site for a calendar of other events happening as well.  Make memories this summer, don’t waste a single minute of it!

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A few testimonials on our services!

We’ve received a little bit of feedback recently, and thought we’d share with you all!  


“Outstanding customer service and quality rental homes….couldn’t ask for more from a property management company”~ Ms. M

“Absolutely the best place I have ever worked with!!!!!”~Mr.V

“I have been with Keystone Realty and Management now for 3 years going on 4. I love the staff, Melissa is an amazing woman and so very nice and she is a great property manager. Now if the owners of the places were as amazing and on top of everything like she is I would give it an A+ but a couple of places the owners don’t want to do what needs to be done so I’d give it a A-“~ Ms. D

“I have never gone through a realty or property management company to rent a place to live….until now! The people at Keystone are all extremely friendly and helpful! So far, I love this place!” ~ Ms. S

“How could anyone not love KO? Fabulous company owned and managed by true professionals.”~ Mr. P

“For all your real estate needs visit Keystone Realty!”~ Ms. D

Outdoor Beautification

Warmer temps and gorgeous greenery are all around us here in Clarksville and we are SOOO excited to welcome the spring and summer weather!  When you’re renting a home it’s sometimes difficult to do too much to the outside to show personality and make the area an extension of your indoor space.  For those green thumbs of you, gardening in a rental isn’t always an option.  Have you considered the popular “container gardening”?  I’ve seen many unique examples that not only look nice, they smell pretty and/or offer fresh produce as well!  Take a look at a few examples below… winebox gardening for the herbs we use in our kitchens (anyone know if Beachaven Winery sells their boxes?), front door stop containers filled with gorgeous bright hues of yellow and gold to welcome guests in a cheerful way, or even windowsill hanging containers for the deck filled with pretty petite pinks and purples to enjoy when you’re entertaining!

winebox garden

flowerscontainer garden

Keepin’ up with clutter

We all have it… clutter.  It’s especially troublesome when you have limited space to store items.  When you’re renting homes, it’s not like you can just throw up a storage shed, tear up rooms to create more closets with shelves or even remodel to create the storage you and your family need.  This is when you need to get creative and purchase multi-function furniture.  There are several stylish premade choices to fit your budget!  Or better yet, if you’re the DIYer, it can be fairly inexpensive and a fun project to do on a weekend!

Storage benches can be used as both an extra seating area and a convenient cubby for extra books, shoes or blankets. Loft beds in a teen room can have extra space underneath for a homework station as well as a bookshelf for books and knick knacks.  Sleek side tables also come with storage within for remotes…magazines…books.




Decorating 201

There are several ways you can incorporate color on your walls in a rental unit without painting and breaking the terms of your lease agreement.  Let large paintings, framed posters or beautiful drapery make a bold statement in a room and set the tone for the style of decorating you continue throughout the space.



Decorating your rental 101

Living in a rental does limit some of the creativity you can have when decorating, but there are still MANY things you can do to make the space more livable to you and your family-  you just have to think outside of the box.  Sometimes a simple entry table and gallery of your favorite portraits hung with 3M adhesive strips (to keep holes out of the walls), a chunky crocheted blanket thrown over the back of your couch, or other funky refurbished secondhand knick-knacks can add a very personal touch and a much needed pop of color!   You can still personalize your space and respect the terms of your lease agreement!!!
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